1. Open Outlook Express (or the email program that you use)
  2. Open up a new mail message
  3. In the "To:" box, carefully type the email address (or copy and paste from here):
    NOTE: Leave the rest of the email blank, including the "Subject" line.
  4. Click on the "Send" button
  5. After a while you will receive an email from Yahoo with the Subject line:
    "Please confirm your request to join U3AHelderberg"
  6. Simply do the following:
    1. Click on the "Reply" button, then
    2. Click on the "Send" button

NOTE: DO NOT go to Yahoo Groups site as requested in the email (5. above) because you do not have to apply for a Yahoo email address or ID.

After a while you will receive a “Welcome” email from our Group which confirms that you are now registered to receive Newsletters and Notices via your email.

If you do not receive this confirmation email within a day, please inform Les Wilson by e-mail:

What are the advantages for you the Member?

  1. You will receive your Newsletter before the current General Meeting. Other members receive theirs at the meeting.
  2. You will receive your Newsletter up to 2 weeks before the posted edition.
  3. You will receive important announcements before other members.
  4. You will receive announcements of special events just after they are planned. Other members must wait for the General Meeting.
  5. Important reminders are sent out to you.
  6. Updated Course Lists will be sent to you monthly. Other members will only get 2 per year.
  7. You will receive notice of the next guest speaker and what they will be speaking about before it is advertised in the newspaper.
  8. If you want to send a copy of the newsletter to a relative or friend you have an electronic copy that you can email to them.

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